Bordeaux’s Delicacies

A Gourmet Promenade and Tasting
4:30 to 7:30 pm / 125€ p.p.

It’s no secret that France is famous for its food and wine, but did you know that Bordeaux and the Aquitaine region also boast several specialties?

We will meander in the streets of central Bordeaux and visit several small shops selling local goodies where we can savor the region’s gourmet delicacies.

Our tour starts with a selection of farmhouse and matured cheeses: goat, cow, and sheep, all made from raw or unpasteurized milk. Unpasteurized cheese contains more protein and is more digestible and flavorful. Your selection will be served with bread and a glass of wine.

Next you will sample caviar d’Aquitaine. This caviar originates in several regions close to Bordeaux and is served with a crémant, Bordeaux’s bubbly, crisp, dry prosecco.

Onward to the local foie gras boutique, where this delicacy is sampled with the perfect accompaniment: artisanal bread and a cool sweet white wine.

Save some room at our last stop for saucisson (salami) and jambon de Bayonne (smoked ham from the Pyrenees), served with bread and a glass of wine or beer, as you prefer.

Created by a Bordelaise family in 1826, a special chocolate treat will provide a sweet conclusion to the tour.

And if you wish to round of the evening in the same spirit, you can pay a visit to one of Bordeaux’s many wonderful cafés or wine bars.